Floor plans PotatoEurope 2021

The business unit Field crops of Wageningen University & Research in Lelystad consists of a number of permanent agricultural buildings which will be turned into an exhibition hall during PotatoEurope 2021, these buildings include hall A, B, C and D. Hall E, F and G are temporary tent pavilions.

Hall A, B, C, D and E are interconnected as well as hall F and G.

Event location:
Business unit Field crops of Wageningen University & Research
Edelhertweg 1, 8219 PH Lelystad, Netherlands

Important notice:
The plans for the halls and outside area reflect the current planning stage.
The organizer reserves the right to make any necessary alterations, particularly regarding the environment around your (stand) location,
before the event begins without prior notice.




PotatoEurope 2021 is being organised by:

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