Jaap Delleman

Originating from the countryside of the Dutch province of North-Brabant, born with both feet into the clay of the so-called Land of Heusden and Altena, Jaap Delleman got into journalism after gaining practical experience by working on various farms and diving into theoretical agricultural know-how through his education at the Agricultural University of Applied Science in Dordrecht.

As an authority in the potato world, with over 30 years of experience in potato journalism at home and abroad, he quickly and enthusiastically interprets new developments in the potato industry. Next to publisher of various specialist books and editor-in-chief of the magazines Aardappelwereld and PotatoWorld, Jaap also is an enthusiastic potato fan, who enjoys visiting potato fields all over the world. The knowledge and experiences he gained during visits to growers and processors on all continents, he shares with a lot of gusto with a fast-growing international readership. Thanks to is professional passion for and skillful us of photo cameras, Jaap can complement his written stories with striking photos and portraits.

After a recent study, Jaap may also call himself a certified digital marketing professional. Together with his experienced and driven Team PotatoWorld, he is now developing a cross-media strategy, which provides players in the global potato industry with both a platform and an information source.

In a sector that never stands still, this editor in chief also keeps developing himself and his business strategy, in order to serve all stakeholders in the potato chain. Altogether this makes Jaap a logical addition to the professional jury of the PotatoEurope 2021 Innovation Award.




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