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Provisional Exhibitors List PotatoEurope 2021

AB Texel Group

AB Texel Group specialises in the transport of potatoes and other bulk agricultural products, flour, animal feed, liquid dairy and refrigerated food products. 1,950 skilled employees do their best each day to provide the best logistics services to customers in the food and agricultural chain. They do this with a modern fleet of over 1,250 trucks and 2,000 trailers. AB Texel Group operates across large areas of Europe and has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK and France.

Simply good in food and agri transport!

Stand E1-06


A powerful, cooperative organisation that sells potatoes all over the world, breeds new varieties and develops innovative solutions. That sums up Agrico. From seedling to the supermarket shelf.

Stand VJ-07, VK-07, V-TF-07

Agroplant Holland bv

Agroplant is a family company, the roots of which go back to the year 1924. Since our company was first established, personal attention has been a high priority, along with a high-quality product! This is evident, for example, through the fact that we know each of our growers and customers personally. This way we can optimally align supply and demand. So Agroplant is the reliable partner to help every customer achieve the best seed potatoes and a successful cultivation!
Stand E5-04


AVR manufactures a full range of machinery for the cultivation of potatoes as well as other bulbous and tuberous plants. From seed bed preparation, planting and ridging to haulm topping, harvesting and storing.A large service department and the establishment of a training centre are just some of the ways in which AVR strives to provide customers and dealers with maximum support.

Stand VG-01

Binst Breeding & Selection

For 4 generations the family Binst has been active in the seed potato trade and organic seed potato trade. Their key markets are situated in the Mediterranean region, in the Middle East and in Western and Eastern Europe. For these destinations Binst Breeding & Selection can offer many varieties as Mont Blanc, Agria, Alegria, Gala, Agila, Tebina and Spunta and a long list of exclusive varieties.

Binst Breeding & Selection attaches great importance to reliable quality and to correct agreements and a personal relationship with their customers.
Stand C2-01

BOL | van Staveren

BOL | van Staveren B.V. is a wholesaler in fuels, lubricating oil, propane and installations. Our customers include farmers, transport companies, contractors, municipalities, industry and garages. Customers choose us for competitive prices, quality products and our knowledge.

Broekema Conveyor Belts

Reliability, pioneering and innovation are still the main business drivers in the Broekema organization.

Broekema continues to invest in new technologies, education and innovation. The most important components of our products are developed in-house, or by sister companies. This is the main reason why we distinguish ourselves from competition when it comes to quality and innovation.
Stand A3-02.

Case IH (Tractor Sponsor)

Case IH is the professionals' choice, drawing on more than 175 years of heritage and experience in the agricultural industry. A powerful range of tractors, combines and balers is supported by a global network of highly professional dealers dedicated to providing our customers with the superior support and performance solutions required to be productive and effective in the 21st century. And on top of that Case IH offers highly accurate precision farming technology.

Certis Europe

Certis Europe offers crop protection products and expertise to the horticultural, speciality and arable crop sectors across Europe. Proprietary products combine with those from a range of supplier partners (including shareholders) to create a wide-ranging portfolio. The knowledge base across the company is used to provide innovative, reliable solutions that help farmers and growers to meet the demands of their markets.

Stand C3-01, V-TF-02, VJ-02

Control Union Certifications B.V.

Control Union certifies globally a.o. PlanetProof, GLOBALG.A.P., food safety and ISO. Further, we calculate you product footprint concerning CO2, water and energy.

Stand A1-05

Cygnet PB Ltd

Cygnet Potato Breeders Ltd are the largest, privately-owned potato breeding programme in the UK with a portfolio of globally successful varieties. Joint-venture business Cygnet PEP Ltd are the largest exporters of seed potatoes from Scotland.

Stand B1-01

Damm Deurentechniek B.V.

Damm Deurentechniek B.V. is supplier of a broad range of industrial doors for several sectors, including the agricultural and refrigeration sector. Regardless of the type of door, we offer durable and ready-made solutions for every conceivable application.
Stand B3-01


DANESPO is the leading company in Scandinavia in the field of breeding, producing and marketing quality ware and seed potatoes. DANESPO is recognized as a reliable and serious international supplier of quality seed potatoes. We also market large quantities of ware potatoes in Denmark and abroad.

Stand C4-01

De Aardappelhoeve

De Aardappelhoeve is a family business, situated amidst the potato fields of Tielt and specialized in growing, washing and packing a wide range of table potatoes.

Bart Nemegheer and Anja Provijn are the founders of De Aardappelhoeve. Their strength lies in the fact that they manage the entire process themselves, from planting till packing. Therefore they can guarantee their customers a high quality potato, grown in an environmentally friendly way. In the past couple of years, they strongly invested in innovative ways of packing fresh quality potatoes. They offer a wide range of different packages. Together with their highly motivated team they can assure they are one of the most reliable partners in the potato business.

Stand C2-01

Den Hartigh BV

DEN HARTIGH BV sells seed potatoes all over the world. The potato merchant in Emmeloord (Holland) is known for her long term experience, excellent seed quality and flexible response to the needs of its customers.

Stand A3-01


Dewulf is a leading global player and full-liner in agricultural machines for the cultivation of potatoes and root crops. The family business has a rich 75-year history and leads the industry in the development and production of agricultural machinery for soil cultivation, planting, harvesting, storing, grading and transport of potatoes and vegetables.

Stand VF-02

E Green Global (EGG)

EGG is a company from South Korea that has developed a unique lab-process to produce Microtubers that are so vigorous they can be planted directly into the field. EGG has Microtuber production labs in USA, China and South-Korea enabling customers to supply Better, Faster & More seed potatoes.

Stand A1-10


Company Eurocelp specializes in potato analysis and automated laboratory for fast, accurate and constant approvals plus deep learning technology.
See more on:

EURO-JABELMANN Maschinenbau GmbH

EURO-Jabelmann is a global player concerning potato and onion technology - Made in Germany, located very close to the Dutch border.

Our company exists since more than 25 years and since 2008 we are producer of potato and onion technology for cleaning, storing and packing potatoes / onions like drop bunkers, conveyors, potato washing machines, brushing machines, de-soiling machines, sponge dryers, graders, inspection tables, bagging scales, net closing machines, box tipper, box filler, big-bag-filler, box rotators and complete potato and onion processing lines.

We are acting worldwide and would be amused to receive your enquiry.
Stand VA-11

EUROPLANT Pflanzenzucht GmbH

The EUROPLANT Group produces and distributes worldwide a total of about 280,000 tonnes of seed potatoes, therefore 125,000 tonnes on the German market. We offer our customers an extensive portfolio of customer and advisory services, and support the customer needs in the different sales markets. At this year's PotatoEurope EUROPLANT presents many new potato varieties, including quality table potatoes, large export varieties, starch potatoes with a high resistance to potato cyst nematodes and wart disease and the latest processing varieties for Chips and french fries.
Stand B2-03


Ferucom is both a producer and supplier of rubber and polyurethane products.
We just have one mission: Unburden the customer thanks to our years of expertise and wide range of products.

We complete this goal in two ways:
1. As a reliable OEM manufacturer of polyurethane products, we produce spiral rollers for machine manufacturers in the Netherlands and abroad.
2. As a total supplier we supply axial rollers, haulm rollers, sieve webs, PU spiral rollers, support rollers, drive wheels and return wheels.

Stand E6-07


FMC Corporation, an agricultural sciences company, provides innovative solutions to growers around the world with a robust product portfolio fueled by a market-driven discovery and development pipeline in crop protection, plant health, and professional pest and turf management. The FMC portfolio also includes biologicals such as bionematicides. FMC Corporation employs approximately 6,500 employees around the globe.

Stand VL-01, V-TF-08

Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiëne BV

Frans Veugen Bedrijfshygiëne BV specializes in developing fogging machines for the application of sprout inhibitors.

Stand A4-01

Geersing Potato Specialist B.V.

Geersing Potato Specialist is a potatoes trading business originated at Emmeloord, the company develops and supplies potatoes varieties and their seeds.

Stand E3-03

Gejo Grading Services B.V.

Optical sorting is the most accurate method for sorting large batches of tubers, such as potatoes and onions. GeJo Grading has developed the Smart Grader for this. The machine sorts the tubers very accurately by diameter, length, shape and visible defects such as cracks, bumps, scabies, wireworms or damage. In addition, the Smart Grader can also sort stones and clods from a batch.

Stand A1-03

Germicopa SAS

Germicopa is a creator of new potato varieties.
Thanks to its French research station and its network of international trails work, Germicopa selects varieties best suited to the expectations of its customers, according to agronomy, industrial capabilities, culinary and environmental strengths.
Germicopa is also an expert in the production of seed potatoes.

Stand A2-02


With over 150 machine types, we offer the most extensive and broadest range of products in potato, beet and vegetable technology. In vegetable technology, both GRIMME and its subsidiary ASA-LIFT build a large number of innovative machines for harvesting onions, beetroot, carrots, leeks, chives, celery, fennel, peas, lettuce, etc.

Stand VF-03

Hessels Zeefbanden

Hessels Zeefbanden is a Dutch manufacturer of sieve web, conveyor belts and other parts for the agricultural industry.

Stand E3-05

HLB Group

The health of the soil and the plant are of fundamental importance at HLB Group. Our unique combination of research, diagnosis and advice in soil and plant health and integrated pest management gives us access to a wealth of data and practical knowledge. HLB Group aims to contribute to furthering efficient and sustainable agriculture by performing excellent research and practical diagnoses and providing the right advice with demonstrable added value for the agri-chain.

Stand B5-01


ICL is a global leader in plant nutrition. Everything we do is focused on one aim:
Making plants, crops and grass grow better.

We leverage state-of-the-art precision nutrition and technologies to ensure maximum growth. But ICL also understands that growth must never come at the expense of the environment.

That’s why our mantra is: grow more and better with less. We make this possible by offering a range of products that includes innovative technologies such as controlled and slow release fertilizers and a leading range of solubles for the specialty agricultural market.
Stand A6-01

Imants B.V.

mants has been manufacturing tillage machines for more than 135 years. Heavily compacted soil, challenges with soil water management or the wish to rip, spade and sow in a single pass are among the many possibilities. Now the company built up an extensive product range. The result? A suitable machine is available for every tractor type, every soil type, every working width, every working depth and any possible wish you may have in the area of soil tillage.
Stand VA-10

Insort GmbH

Insort GmbH is a sorting company that works with Hyperspectral technology. The most important is: FOODSAFETY guarantee. The focus is on Potato and potato products in fresh, processed and frozen products.
Stand A4-03

Inter Agra

Inter Agra is a producer of wooden boxes for professional storage of vegetables and fruits. We manufacture Potato Boxes, Onion Boxes, Carrot boxes, Apple boxes and many more. We also produce and make installation of Pressure wall for special ventilation systems. Inter Agra is one of the biggest producer of wooden bins for agriculture in Europe. Great experience, productivity and caring for quality give our clients assurance that they will have the best product.

Stand B4-02


Specialized on processing varieties!
Since 1980 we are producing seed potatoes of the highest quality with a focus on the processing sector. The best locations for the seed potato production, experienced and well-trained staff and continuous monitoring of all cultivation and storage sections guarantee top quality.

We are only satisfied if our customers are satisfied!
Stand A1-01

Kamps de Wild B.V.

Kamps de Wild BV is one of the handiest Dutch distributors of agricultural machinery. We have been around since 1919 and exclusively import the brands CLAAS, AMAZONE and SCHMOTZER. We are a modern distribution organization with maximum support for our dealers and end users.

Stand VF-01

Klimtop Controls

Stand A5-01

Kloppenburg Machinebouw

Kloppenburg Machinebouw designs and produces machinery for agricultural and industrial purposes. Continuously developing our products ensures that they are always in keeping with today’s requirements. As well as production in series, we also deliver products tailored to customer specification.
Stand VB-11


Komeco is a dutch producer of organic fertilizers. The composted organic fertilizers are 100% natural and ensure an optimal working and healthy soil. The products of Komeco contain a high percentage of organic matter, have water retaining capacity and are completely free of weeds. A healthy soil starts with Komeco.

Stand E2-09

Kreglinger Europe NV

With a small team and a number of very well positioned and highly valued distributors, KREGLINGER Europe’s Crop Protection department aims to supply the European agricultural market with exclusive niche products and well adjusted technical support. Through well secured supplies and own plant protection registrations in more than 12 E.U. countries, our Crop protection activities are still further expanding in the market.

With a general focus on Organic plant protection products, new registration developments are under way.

Stand VJ-06, V-TF-06

Maison Debarge Plants

Maison Debarge Plants Sarl is specialised in the production and distribution of seed potatoes. The company is located in Saint-Omer in the region Hauts de France. We offer a range of varieties for the fresh and industrial market by contracting specialised seed producers and achieving certification from official control services. We select varieties and build the relationships of tomorrow !
Stand A1-01

Martin Lishman Ltd

Martin Lishman Ltd manufacture and distribute specialist agricultural equipment, with an emphasis on crop storage and quality monitoring, potato and fruit quality control, compact sprayers and cultivation wearing parts.

A family-run company established by the late Martin Lishman in 1975, the business is now managed by Gavin and Carol Lishman. We are located in the town of Bourne, in the main arable area of the United Kingdom. Our products are sold throughout the UK and exported all over the World.
Stand A5-05

McCain Foods

Founded in 1957 by the McCain brothers in New Brunswick, Canada, McCain Foods is an international leader in the frozen food industry and employs more than 22 000 people worldwide. A privately owned company, McCain generates annual sales of approximately CDN $10 billion.The company’s products are available in more than 160 countries around the world.

McCain Foods Continental Europe employs more than 4000 people with production facilities across France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland. In the Netherlands, McCain is the parent owner of two well-known companies in the Chilled and Appetizer markets, CêlaVíta and Ad Van Geloven, respectively.
Stand F2-01

Mechatec b.v. box handling systems

MECHATEC your professional company for box handling systems. Filling all types of boxes, washing, desinfection, stacking, emptying and logistic. We make your box handling logistics a success.

Stand E1-04 / VB-05

Meijer Potato

Meijer Potato develops and markets its own potato varieties. Our varieties are – depending on the market – sold under license or as propagating material. Propagating material is produced on contract by seed potato growers.

Stand A2-01


Supplier of high-quality potato storage boxes made from the best Scandinavian spruce wood. The boxes have been extra reinforced with special Polyurethane glue and diagonal boards. Necap Boxes are internationally known for their strength, craftmanship and long lifespan.
Stand E5-03

NORIKA Nordring - Kartoffelzucht- und Vermehrungs- GmbH

NORIKA is a potatoe breeding company from Germany with more than 100 differet varieties. The main segments of are table, chips, starch and french fries varieties. We are exporting and selling our seed potatoes through NOREX NORIKA Exportgesellschaft mbH as exclusive exporter in more than 40 different countries worldwide.

Stand C5-01


The Restrain anti-sprouting system is an effective and affordable way to control sprouting for your potatoes; Anti sprouting with ethylene gas, Natural replacement to CIPC and Seed treatment to increase yield.
Stand E4-04


Pomuni wants to be the most reliable potato supplier of Western Europe. That’s the aim, nothing more, nothing less. This can only be achieved by working with reliable partners and growers. Pomuni has experienced professionals and highly motivated employees that strive for quality and service. Totally integrated Quality Assurance and a dedicated customer-oriented approach guarantee a professional and flexible service. Everything is assured and guaranteed for customers and consumers by a strict application of GlobalGap, HACCP, ISO, BRC and IFS standards.
Stand C2-01

Royal ZAP - Semagri

The best of 2 potato worlds can be found in the collaboration between Royal ZAP and Semagri. Since 2017, we have been offering a high-quality package of basic material for starch, French fries and consumption varieties.

Royal ZAP has been guaranteeing the cultivation of healthy seed potatoes in Noord Holland since 1913. Our seed potatoes are found all over the world, especially to North Africa, the Middle East and (Eastern) Europe. By joining forces with Semagri, the cultivation area has expanded to the whole of the Netherlands. The collaboration with several potato breeders in the Netherlands and abroad offers a wide range of new promising crosses and potential potato varieties. We work both market and future-oriented.

Thorough knowledge of the local markets and cultivation conditions, personal commitment and short lines between producer and customer are the basis of our success.
Stand B4-03

RTL Patat

RTL Patat, It’s an all-rounder!

Whether in seeds, steam-baked, French fries or crisps-potatoes, RTL Patat has the full-knowledge. Together with their Dutch trading company ‘Bres Potato’, they represent quality, experience and 100%-warranty for farmer and consumer.

They are constantly looking for new markets, challenges and trade relations.
Stand C2-01


Salco B.V., produces a wide range of commercial doors for, among others, the agricultural and refrigeration sector. Regardless of the type of door, we offer durable and ready-made solutions for every conceivable application.

Stand B3-01

Schaap Holland - PolderGoud

Schaap Holland is a family company working with potatoes for more than 50 years. From the development of new potato varieties, to a state of the art cold-peeling factory, packing station and truck-fleet. Supplying fresh packed potatoes and peeled potato products to supermarkets, foodservice and ready-meal producers. Supplying seed potatoes to growers all over the world.

Stand A2-03

Schlesselmann GmbH

We love wood. Since 1910. In the fourth generation. In our sawmill and our pallet factory, over 1.5 million pallets and boxes are created every year according to the individual wishes of our customers. For every harvest season, boxes for all types of potatoes, for various ventilation and storage systems, are sawed, planed, sanded, glued, nailed, screwed, stacked, loaded and delivered to our business partners.

Stand VJ-01-3


Sencrop’s community of over 13.000 connected ag-weather stations provides farmers reliable measurements in real-time from the field. The data is sent to a user-friendly mobile app where farmers can set alerts, check the forecast and precipitation radar, and react in case of risk to crops to optimize time and resources.
Stand A5-04

Sercom Regeltechniek BV

Sercom is a developer and manufacturer of process computers to control the climate environment of storage cells for potatoes. All hardware and software is made in-house. They have also developed a wireless system which allows to monitor and control the storage cell within a distance of 5 kilometres.

Stand B4.01


Maximise the potential of your potato crop with Soiltech. We are specialised in developing, producing and marketing speciality fertilisers and biostimulants. We formulate products which are highly efficient, compatible with pesticides/other liquid products and are easy to use. By testing extensively in different circumstances, we proof what we promise!

Stand B5-03


The Solana Group breeds modern potato varieties, and produces and distributes high-quality seed potatoes. Throughout our history we have always pursued the goal of breeding resistant, high-yielding varieties and supplying high-quality seed stock.

Stand A3-01


Eureden is a French cooperative born in 2021 from the merging of Triskalia and Cecab,. We multiply 950 Ha of seed potatoes, 24 varieties, 12 being exclusive. 70% of our production is exported to Europe, Africa and Middle East. Our main varieties are El Beida and Universa, and Solawest is our new brand.
Stand B2-01


STET is a potato company. Our team specializes in the development, production and export of varieties with added value for various climates. The STET team work together with potato processors on the development of delicious crisps and French fries, enabling people throughout the world to enjoy our potato varieties.

Stand E4-01


TOMRA Food designs and manufactures sensor-based sorting machines and integrated post-harvest solutions for the food industry, using the world’s most advanced grading, sorting, peeling and analytical technology. Over 8,000 units are installed at food growers, packers and processors around the world for fruits, nuts, vegetables, potato products, grains and seeds, dried fruit, meat and seafood.

Stand VB-10

Tummers Food Processing Solutions

Tummers Food Processing Solutions offers a range of machinery and complete processing lines for the food processing industry. Their focus is mainly fixed on sustainable solutions for the manufacturing of processed potato products. They provide food manufacturers with a clear program of machinery, which is presented to you at

Stand A3-05

UniPatatas A/S

Export and import of seed and ware potatoes as well as onions.

Stand E4-03

VAM WaterTech

VAM WaterTech supplies complete, reliable water treatment solutions that contribute to a healthy product for your clients, ensuring the most efficient use of water. The system consist of a closed-cycle process, which allows you to; save up to 95% on your agro-food process water use, increase the shelf life of your product, wash your product up to 100% free of bacteria, have less maintenance and down time in your washing process and live up to responsible care within your business.

Stand E1-05

Van der Graaf B.V.

Van der Graaf is a family company based in the Netherlands manufacturing Drum Motors. The Van der Graaf name is synonymous worldwide for top quality transmission technology, a position which Van der Graaf acquired and keeps through its on going commitment in machine investment and a highly skilled work force. Customer service also remains a key part of our philosophy. Despite many worldwide applications of its transmission products (mostly drummotors), the Van der Graaf company still remains loyal to the basics: provide reliable solutions to the material handling industry, through innovation, precision-manufacturing processes and after sale service.

Stand E1-08

Vandinter Semo

Vandinter Semo is engaged in seed production, seed trade and seed cultivation. Although a large part of our turnover is achieved through seed trade and the cultivation of seed to order, we are strongly committed to the breeding of nematode-resistant green manures.

Stand VJ-01, V-TF-01

Van Dijke Group

For more than 60 years Van Dijke Group is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing of innovative machines for washing carrots, potatoes and other root vegetable products. Van Dijke is specialist in Wet Hoppers, destoners, pre-soak/pre-heat tanks, wet leaf removers, felt dryers, drumwashers, and an innovative water recycling unit/sludge handling.

Stand F5-03

Van Rijn France

Van Rijn France is a French company specializing in the introduction, development, production and sales of seed potatoes.

Stand E3-01

Vereinigte Hagel

Insurance company for insuring crops against various weather risks.

Stand E1-03


VLAM, Flanders' Agricultural Marketing Board, is a non-profit organisation promoting the sale, the added value, the consumption and the image of products and services of the Flemish agriculture, horticulture, fishery and agro-alimentary sector in Belgium and abroad.

Stand C2-01


WIFO simply strong! We are the key supplier in forklift and telehandler attachments such as box rotators, front tippers and hydraulic shovels to handle your crops. We have solutions both for box as for bulk handling. Also WIFO is a specialist in precision planters for set unions. Please visit us in our booth.

Stand VB-01

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