As a valued member of the press you are very welcome to visit PotatoEurope 2017 in Emmeloord, the Netherlands. We will keep you updated on the event and all aspects of it, as good as possible. If you need more pictures or Information, please let us know.

PotatoEurope 2017 is a unique outdoor event were the whole potato chain is present.

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Press releases PotatoEurope

In het Nederlands

  • PotatoEurope 2017 demonstreert kennis, download hier
  • Burgemeester geeft startschot tot poten aardappelen PotatoEurope!, download hier
  • PotatoEurope 2017 - Draait 180 graden!, download hier
  • PotatoEurope - Precisielandbouw in de Praktijk, download hier

En Francais

  • PotatoEurope 2017, une démonstration de connaissances. Telechargez ici
  • Le maire commence la plantation des pommes de terre. Telechargez ici
  • PotatoEurope 2017 - La foire se tourne à 180 degrés! Telechargez ici
  • PotatoEurope - Communiqué de presse sur l´agriculture de précision à la foire. Telechargez ici!

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Have a look at the numbers and figures of PotatoEurope here

Download the PotatoEurope factsheets here

PotatoEurope 2017 factsheet - Nederlands

PotatoEurope 2017 factsheet - English

PotatoEurope 2017 factsheet - Deutsch

PotatoEurope 2017 factsheet - Français

DLG Benelux is organiser of PotatoEurope 2017

This is the 10th edition of PotatoEurope in the Netherlands. It changed names a few times but the platform has been growing and became more international edition by edition.

By organising this unique Event, DLG Benelux aims at supporting the entire potato chai.

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