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During the event, potato harvesters of the AVR, DeWulf-Miedema, Grimme, Ropa, Ploeger, VSS, Scanstone, and Veenma brands will be lifting the potatoes. The potatoes will be transported from the field to the storage machinery and box filling demonstration with tipper lorries of the Fliegl, Jeantile, Beboma, Joskin, Areko, Dezeure and Agroliner brands.

At the storage demonstration, machinery of the brands Dewurf-Miedema, AVR, Bijlsma Hercules, Prinsen-Visser, Van Trier, Grimme and Downs are in action.

Unique this edition is the box filling demonstrations. On this part of the plot the brands Bijlsma-Hercules, Mechatec, Tong Engineering, DeWulf-Miedema and Van Hees and Prinsen will give an interesting demonstration. Mechatec Box Handling systems is going to show a new box filler that can process a maximum of 280m3 of potatoes an hour and can be fitted with a weighing system.