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The story of Flevoland

PotatoEurope takes place in Emmeloord, in the province of Flevoland this year. Flevoland is a remarkable province set in a location no less than 6 metres below sea level. This page provides the interested reader with some background on the province´s origin, and ideas on what to undertake when you have time to kill in this part of the Netherlands.

Before the land, there was the sea: ‘De Zuiderzee’. Flevoland, now the largest polder in the world, has now fully developed its potential, with its beautiful natural environment, modern architecture and, behind the dykes, a wide expanse of water.

In Flevoland you literally walk across the sea bed. The story began in 1891 with the plans of an engineer, Cornelis Lely. He conceived the largest reclamation project ever. Thousands of pioneers came to Flevoland to contribute to the heavy manual labour that ultimately led to the creation of the 12th province of the Netherlands: Flevoland.

Nieuw Land Erfgoedcentrum Lelystad

Nieuw Land Erfgoedcentrum Lelystad


The north-eastern part of Flevoland, the ‘Noordoostpolder’, was officially “uncovered” in 1942. After the reclamation of the polder land, nearly every square metre of the polder was prepared for its ultimate designation: agriculture.  Woodlands were planted only in areas where it was difficult to grow crops.  The Noordoostpolder developed into a polder with modern agricultural businesses.

Attractive area              

Many agricultural businesses have now broadened their activities and the Noordoostpolder is now an attractive area in which to spend your holidays. You can walk for hours along the dykes or cycle endlessly along the beautiful cycle paths stretched across the polder landscape. The activities here are enjoyable, active and relaxing: culture and natural history, woodlands and beaches, fruit and flowers.

An expedition to the Noordoostpolder would not be complete without a visit to the two former islands – the characteristic fishing village of Urk and UNESCO Werelderfgoed Schokland. Schokland offers a unique combination of cultural history and nature. From above, you can still see from the contours that it was once an island. Visit the museum, go on a guided tour or walk or cycle around the island.

In the Rijksmonument Waterloopbos you can walk from the Dutch Delta Works via the port of IJmuiden to the ports of Bangkok, Lagos and Istanbul. These are the scale models of more than 30 large waterworks from all over the world.

Go on a trip around the world in 1 day at de Orchideeën Hoeve. It is always lovely weather in the largest tropical gardens in Europe! You will discover a world full of natural colours and aromas from Central America, Australia and Asia. You will find thousands of different kinds of wild and rare orchids, tropical birds, colourful lories, reptiles, koi carp and a butterfly valley.

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